Kangana Ranaut proves yet again that she’s the Queen – of Badass

Kangana Ranaut on controversies surrounding Manikarnika, Bolly fraternity’s dismissal of the actress, marriage and more!

Source: YouTube

Little did people know that the stereotypical small town girl debuting in Gangster (2006) would go on to become the Queen of Bollywood one day. An unabashed feminist, Kangana Ranaut has taken up a number of controversial issues in the past and has given out fearless statements on issues often desensitized by discriminating personalities. Her recent interview with Rajeev Masand saw her addressing few such elements, best left to the intimacy of one-on-one conversations where baring the soul is allowed. In her latest chat with Masand, the man who can make even rocks speak, Kangana shares her experiences on the sets of Manikarnika (the life of Rani Lakshmibai – the original Queen of Badass in 1857) as well as her views on everything – from marriage and motherhood – to directing and acting in the same film.

She nailed the art of multi-tasking by taking over Manikarnika’s direction midway

While Kris Jagarlamudi directed the complete movie, Kangana stepped in to direct patches of it. “It required a lot of feminine emotions, and so everyone felt and agreed that I must supervise parts of it”, she said while Rajeev quizzed her on how she ended up directing the movie. Quite contrary to allegations that she’d overthrown the director to be a one-woman show on sets. And by the way, she juggled these double roles while shooting for some of the most heavy-duty action scenes in the film. To quote her “I remember every morning I would wake up and have half kg ghee, roasted besan and add a lot of jaggery in it and keep having it and only then could I rehearse for 45 minutes daily…”.

When Rajeev Masand questioned her on how the directors would feel about an actress being so involved or, in other words, wanting to director other films, Kangana revealed her awesome analogy we frankly may never thought of before. “A film is like a lover/ wife. When you see other people’s wives you don’t go like “oh my god I want to make love to her!”, she explained. She went on to say that while people get stimulated with their own wives only, she understands and feels involved in certain projects only when it strikes a personal chord with her. Giving an example of her relation with Panga director Ashwiny, she said she does not want to contribute in an intrusive manner on other people’s set.

She opened up on colleague’s not praising her enough

We’ve all been that person one time or the other in our lives, haven’t we? Getting passed over for a promotion, an overseas work tour or simply, honest, open appreciation because somebody doesn’t like the fact that we made it (or are on our way to making it).

Quoting Prasoon Joshi Kangana said, “There’s nothing mediocrity fears more than talent”. She said while she doesn’t shy away from praising her colleagues, be it Alia Bhatt or Deepika Padukone, she seldom gets back the love. While she is much wanted in the industry and is getting to act in big banner movies regularly, her colleagues seldom share her movie trailers and teasers. To that, she found Prasoon’s words as the only explanation, and might I say, solace? And why not? We cannot forget her praising Alia Bhatt’s Raazi last year, and her ability to see a film as a work of art and not a rival’s movie or a competitor’s work is commendable.

Switching over to a different note, he asked Kangana about the ongoing marriage fever. After all, getting married at the right age IS the trend most Bollywood actresses are following diligently.

Does Kangana Ranaut want to get married?

She laughed at the question and confessed that when in love and in a relationship, she has considered marriage. However, when single and in control of her thoughts in a rational sense, she isn’t very clear about the purpose of marriage. “Keeping in mind the depleting green cover and population explosion and also the whole legality of the bond…,” she explained, “…there are so many children in this world who need love and we should adopt them more.” Mother to a beautiful dog and aunt to a baby boy who is almost like a son to her, she said there is absolutely no difference between the two.

Her grace under pressure, her kickass replies and her bold statements are proof that the film industry isn’t all pomp and show. There’s substance, if you look closely enough, dig long enough, listen hard enough. The industry might both love and hate Kangana. However, universal public appreciation of her personality prove that she’s a lioness who fears nothing and can fight her wars majestically. Without help.

Manikarnika releases on 25th January 2019. And I’m getting goosebumps here already!