Hey there, welcome to my blog! My name is Shravani and I am the creator and the too-many-hats-on-one-head kinda manager of Film Coast. An ex-lawyer, and a content-cum-copywriter at present, this blog is a product of my unabashed, obsessive love for the movies. And well, everything entertainment under the sun!

Growing up I was a studious kid, whose only source of entertainment (actually pretty much like every other 90s kid) was watching Shanti, Hum Paanch, Shaktimaan, Chitrahaar, Rangoli and a few other staples of that era. Needless to say, come weekends, I could watch movies and get transported into a different world I usually could not inhabit in the mundane simplicity of those times. So if it meant I could feel an inexplicable thrill watching Raaj Kumar’s Neel Kamal or a giddy happiness Sunil Dutt’s Padosan, so be it. As time went by, watching experimental movies such as Andaz Apna Apna, Anari, Khiladi, Khamoshi, Rangeela, Beta and Dil was a luxury I truly enjoyed.  Making me wait for each weekend to arrive, with bated breath.

This is a love that has endured all through the decades, despite my otherwise fickle interests. From a time I couldn’t really hop out to watch the latest, newest flick in the theater to now watching the baddest, biggest, stupidest new movies on the big screen, is a journey I deeply cherish and feel cute about (wink wink). Now this is a weekly affair my life wouldn’t be the same without!

Film Coast is my tribute to all those movies – good, bad and ugly that make up the cinematic disapora, especially in Bolly world that’s moving and shaking with ground-breaking stories, more intuitive performances and an audience that is alert and demanding now, more than ever.

While I am particularly obsessed about Hindi movies (and a few select English movies as well), any other movie in any other language I happen to watch will also be covered here. Movie reviews, lists, fun facts, commentaries, web shows and more are included – Film Coast is your very own cocktail. Pick what you like, share a thought or more (I’d LOVE that!) and dive in to get the sassiest bits of rib-tickling entertainment offered to you.

Happy reading 🙂